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Height: 6'4"
Weight: 224 lbs

Dallas takes pride in his appearance. He eats right, works outs, and makes sure he dresses in style. As a taller, muscular man, 6'4", he knows the importance of a good fit in his clothes. As a tailor, he sizes men up all day long. But there's nothing more satisfying than seeing the extremes of the sprectrum.

When he finds a handsome smaller client, he loves wrapping his measuring tape around them and experiencing their size up close. And sometimes, when the client is extra tiny, he can't help but take a little longer on each measurement.



Lukas is a high school senior who's trying his best to be an all-star swimmer. He's got the passion and the drive, but his body is smaller than most of the boys on his team. In addition to all the other stresses that come with being a senior in high school, he’s also nervous about how his size affects his performance. While most of the jocks are sprouting up taller and stronger, he's stuck in his compact frame. Still, he can't help but be turned on by the difference in size between him and his peers. He fantasizes about being the small spoon to his handsome classmates and particularly his teachers—sucking their big cocks. He's not sure how to act on those feeling... He may not ever be the champion of his team, but he's more than willing to be the prize!
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