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Lucas is an adorable young man with a boyish face and a smooth body. But even though he seems small at a height of 5'5, he sports a large, throbbing cock! He loves to explore his sexuality, testing the limits of what he's capable of. He loves the feeling of a big toy or cock in his hole, often pushing himself to the very edge of arousal. While he has no problem jerking off and cumming, he's often turned on at inappropriate times. When he's around a tall, handsome daddy with a big dick of his own, he's at the mercy of his body's whims. And with his big, girthy member, it's hard to keep it hidden!


Chapter 1 Medical Checkup Lucas

Dr. Wolf has seen it all. As a physician specializing in developmental health, he often works with young men as their hormones run wild through their bodies,... [read more]

Chapter 2 Follow Up Doctor Visit LUCAS

Lucas rushed to book a follow-up appointment as soon as he left his initial visit with Dr. Wolf. Dr. Wolf hadn’t suggested that he need one, but Lucas... [read more]

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