Height: 6'6"
Weight: 202 lbs

Lt. Adams spends most of his days sizing up men. It's his job. As a military recruiter, he's tasked with checking out men's bodies, taking their measurements, and seeing how best each new recruit can be of service. Standing at 6'6", there aren't many he meets who are taller than himself. He loves the authority and power that comes from the uniform; especially how it drapes over his tall, lean, athletic body. When he meets a recruit who is significantly shorter than himself, he feels that power all the more. His massive cock always begins to swell, turned on by the idea of getting it sucked by a smaller recruit!


Chapter 9 Recruiter's Office Evaluation AUSTIN

Austin is a growing boy and looking forward to his future. Naturally, he weighs his many different options... A new job, college, even maybe even military... [read more]

Chapter 1 Recruiter Tryout FUN PACK

Lieutenant Brian Adams brought his two new recruits outside to see how their bodies could move and handle the physical demands of the army. Cole stood... [read more]

Chapter 11 Little Army Recruit AUSTIN

Austin takes a break from the strenuous drills of the tall army recruiter, finding some shade and quiet under a tarp cover. It’s hard for him to keep... [read more]

Chapter 2 Little Recruit's Orgy Fun Pack

Austin’s been lucky to know so many handsome, tall men. Being 5’2”, he’s usually the shortest in a room. But it seems everywhere he goes, there’s... [read more]

Chapter 17 Little Recruit Hookup AUSTIN

Austin practically came in his pants when he got the text from his recruiter to come over for a little fun. The young twink had been working hard all week,... [read more]

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