Models / ELI


Height: 5'3"
Weight" 108 lbs
Build: Funsize Swimmer

It wasn't that long ago that Eli realized he was attracted to men. In fact, he first made the realization during an annual physical. He had been seeing the same doctor forever. His mom had been taking him to see this physician since it became apparent that Eli wasn't growing as fast as the other boys his age. As a teenager he now went to his appointments by himself. And the freedom to be alone with his doctor became very appealing. He had come out as gay already, but never told anyone how he felt about his tall handsome doctor. He didn't know if his doctor was gay, but he was determined to find out and then, with any luck, seduce the giant man.


Chapter 1 Dr. Wolf's Office ELI

Eli strips off his briefs, readying himself for his routine genital examination. It’s a little awkward and uncomfortable to have another man handle his... [read more]

Chapter 2 Dr. Wolf's Master Bedroom ELI

Dr. Wolf answered the knock at his bedroom door, knowing Eli was just on the other side. It hadn’t been long since the young man came to visit him in... [read more]

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