TOM - Dr. Wolf's Office

Chapter 4: Dr. Wolf's Office

With the summer keeping him busy with travel, Tom Bentley hadn’t been able to make time for his favorite daddy doctor, Legrand Wolf. He knew with all the chaos of the season, the only way he’d be able to see him would be to make an appointment! He figured the older man wouldn’t mind and he could get a check-up out of the way as well.

Dr. Wolf smiled when he saw Tom sitting on his exam table, remembering how he’d last seen him tucked into his bed, freshly fucked. The young man was a delight for the overworked physician, happy to take a break from the usual sick patients.

Despite their history, Dr. Wolf wasn’t going to let him leave without a proper examination. He took Tom’s height and weight as well as the standard vitals. He remembered their first visit and the way Tom’s nervousness almost prevented him from being able to touch him. Now, Tom was practically begging to be handled.

It wasn’t Dr. Wolf’s intention to get Tom aroused, but the young man’s cock was firmly standing at attention when it came time for the boy to take off his pants. The older man’s hands continued to explore his flesh, careful to work his loins with finesse. As he finished up the palpations, it was hard to ignore the beads of pre-cum dripping from Tom’s cock. Not only was he aroused, but his body was preparing to cum.

Dr. Wolf was amazed. He hadn’t seen a patient leak just from his exam before. The idea that his touch alone could bring a tiny patient to this point stirred arousal in his own loins. He thought he could keep it under wraps and maintain his professionalism, but when Tom laid back on the exam table, the young man’s gaze went immediately to the rise in his pants.

“Can I see it?” Tom asked, timidly begging to be reunited with the doc’s monster cock.

Dr. Wolf couldn’t deny him. It was clear the boy was plenty healthy and not needing any special attention, save perhaps a deep pounding.

Pulling out his cock, Dr. Wolf watched as the little guy took it in his hands, gripping it and pulling it to get it even more erect. It seemed to extend out like a telescope between his fingers, revealing more of itself as it was manipulated.

Tom took it in his mouth, feeling the smooth surface of Dr. Wolf’s penis slid past his mouth and his tongue. He loved how it tasted as it moved further toward his throat, trying with all his might not to tear up or gag. Dr. Wolf just stood still, letting the tiny patient control how much he took, impressed by how much he could.

Dr. Wolf felt his enormous balls begin to tingle with anticipation. Just like Tom’s precum, they, too, were preparing for a burst of cum. He held out for a little while, giving Tom time to enjoy his manhood, but his need to breed soon became too much to ignore.

Turning Tom around on all fours, he positioned the young man at the perfect height for his shaft. Even with the tall table and the boy’s body, Dr. Wolf had to come down slightly to get the tip of his cock between Tom’s cheeks, making sure he made a successful penetration.

Most young men are nervous to take Dr. Wolf’s cock when they’re in his office. But for Tom, he had the benefit of experience. He knew he could take it, so the nerves that rattled others were overtaken by a deep desire to be fucked. His palms sweated and his heart raced as he waited for the moment when their bodies would be one. And with a gentle, careful, precise push, Tom’s mouth fell open at the feeling of being opened up.

Dr. Wolf’s cock eased its way inside Tom’s hole with the same delicacy it had his mouth. Not wanting to rush or hurt his bottom, Dr. Wolf carefully followed Tom’s waning resistance, feeling his body take him in slowly but surely. Tom moaned as he relaxed his insides, allowing the older man to come inside his hole. Patiently, he felt every inch of him move deeper and deeper until it could go no further.

Still only about half way inside, Dr. Wolf told Tom to turn over onto his back. He knew this would be more comfortable for Tom and allow him to open up even more. As Tom did as he was asked and turned his body around, Dr. Wolf was quick to slip his throbbing erection back inside, not wanting to lose his place in Tom’s hole. Tom felt the pressure deep inside his gut, but sure enough, looking into Dr. Wolf’s eyes, he managed to take a few more inches of the handsome daddy.

Dr. Wolf was in absolute heaven. Tom was a sweet, beautiful young man, wrapped around him and begging to be fucked. What could be better?

Picking up intensity, Dr. Wolf knew he was just moments from cumming. He held onto Tom’s hips, holding him in place and thrusting himself deeper and deeper, at times getting all the way down to the base of his shaft. Tom was struggling to take it all, but he wasn’t going to say anything to make it stop. He loved seeing Dr. Wolf get close to climax and he wanted to walk away with his seed in his hole.

With just enough ferocity in his moans to sound almost like a wolf himself, the older man gripped Tom’s legs with his hands and pushed himself in as deep as he could go. Along with the intense pounding feeling in Tom’s hole came jets of semen, bursting like fireworks inside. The young man swore he could feel the velocity and volume of each explosion, filling him up and leaving him totally satiated.