Scotty Knox Fucks Eli Lincoln - ColbyKnox

Scotty Knox Fucks Eli Lincoln

Chapter 2: ColbyKnox

Nothing gets the thoughts of young men turning to other young men like working up a sweat together!

At least, that’s exactly what happens when Jack Hunter rallies a bunch of guys outside to toss around the ol’ pigskin. But after a while, Eli Lincoln is ready for a break—maybe he got a little too turned on from all the testosterone—and goes to sit down.

Scotty Knox immediately notices, and nonchalantly joins the smaller Eli. He’s been hoping for just this kind of opportunity, and he’s not going to miss out on it! After a bit, the two sweaty studs head inside for a little more privacy—and Scotty immediately starts stroking Eli’s hair and looking deep into his sweet trusting eyes… as his hand guides Eli’s head down to his throbbing cock.

Finally granted permission to do what he really wanted to all along, Eli is happy to help and starts sucking Scotty’s hard dick right away. But it’s pretty clear pretty early on that this little cocksucker is going to need that meat in both his holes before he’s happy. And this time it’s Scotty who’s happy to help, plunging his rock hard teenage cock into Eli’s plump bubble butt with a skill well beyond his years.