Chapter 10: NextDoorTaboo

Dakota can be a bit of a handful. He’s known for going where he’s not supposed to and not obeying his parents. Despite the way he looks, given his short stature and lean physique, he’s not a little kid anymore; something his mom’s boyfriend, Dean, is constantly reminding him.

The two have lived side-by-side with each other for a while, not getting too much into each other’s personal lives. But all that changed when Dakota started sneaking into the gifts Dean bought for his mom.

Dean saw that his bags had been disturbed, leading him to check with the young man to see if he’d done anything. He banged on the locked door, calling Dakota’s name and looking for an answer. When he finally made his way in, he couldn’t believe what he’d walked in on!

Dakota lay on the bed, earphones in and fucking his hole with the giant dildo that Dean bought for his mom! At first Dean was in shock. He’d never seen Dakota naked before, let alone pleasuring himself. He was enraged that he took it for his own use. But he found himself sporting an erection at the sight, incredibly aroused by the tiny twink’s body.

Teaching him a lesson, Dean rushed at him and bent him over his knee. He wasn’t his dad, but he knew that Dakota needed more than anything else was to have his ass attacked! Spanking him with his bare hand, Dean could feel the young man tremble between his leg and stomach… something that only made his cock harder.