Chapter 2: The Tailor

Marcus arrives at the tailor’s studio, ready to be fitted for a suit tux for his formal. He’s never worn anything specially made before, but given his size and the fancy occasion; he knows his only option is to get something custom. It can be awkward to get measured, but when he meets Mr. Steele, he sees the potential for some fun...

Mr. Steele stands about 6’4”, well above Marcus’s diminutive 5’3”! His chiseled features, square jaw, and silver hair scream “daddy” when he stands in front of Marcus. He immediately begins fantasizing about kneeling in front of him and sucking his cock, seeing him stand tall above him.

Marcus strips down to his underwear to help his handsome tailor get an accurate inseam measurement. Mr. Steele’s hands graze against the inside of his leg, arousing his cock as he gets closer to his groin. He presents his genitals more forward, hoping to elicit a response from the silver-haired giant. Mr. Steele can tell the boy is getting harder — something that only makes him eager to take more measurements!

As Mr. Steele stands beside him, Marcus sees that he only reaches up to his broad, muscular shoulders. Steele runs his hands over his body, seeing just how tiny he is overall. Hearing that he wears extra small clothing gets him excited, making him unable to resist his size and cute, flirty demeanor.

Mr. Steele leans in to kiss the boy, having to arch his back down to meet his mouth. Marcus is beyond horny when the big man’s hands grab his back and hold him tightly, feeling the muscular man’s strength and power. As Mr. Steele finds his way inside the boy’s underwear, all Marcus wants is to be his tiny plaything!

Mr. Steele knows how to make a tiny boy squirm with pleasure, by stroking his cock and getting him warmed up for an intense fucking with his huge daddy dick. Mr. Steele pulls off his pants, unleashing his massive hard-on for his small guest to suck. Marcus eagerly drops to his knees, taking Mr. Steele’s cock in his tiny hand, feeling it swell larger and larger in his grip. He brings it to his lips, tasting it as it makes its way over his tongue...