MARCUS & FELIX - Principal's Office

Chapter 5: Principal's Office

Young Marcus doesn’t know what to expect when he’s called into Principal Kamp’s office. Was it his chronic tardiness that got him in trouble? His habit of daydreaming about dick during class? Or his sexual exploits across the campus?

When he enters the office, he’s surprised at how sexy he finds the older man. And his arousal only deepens when Principal Kamp calmly informs Marcus that he knows the boy has been having “a lot” of sex, both with students and with faculty. He doesn’t know how to respond at first.

“Am I going to be expelled?” he asks nervously. Principal Kamp laughs. No, Marcus won’t be expelled. But he needs to bend over the desk and arch his back to prove he knows how to behave. Principal Kamp starts slowly, firmly spanking the student, whose moans and groans quickly turn from pain to pleasure as he feels the older man’s hand linger on his firm buttocks with each slap.

He’s writhing in a combination of fear, pain, and ecstasy as Principal Kamp removed his pants, spanking Marcus through his thin boxer briefs. Each slap is slow, methodical, and deliberate. But once the boxer briefs are yanked off the trembling boy, Principal Kamp’s slaps get harder and faster. Satisfied that Marcus knows how to obey, Principal Kamp turns him around and sets him on the desk.

Stroking the boy’s cock, Principal Kamp reaches into a drawer and pulls out a dildo and lube. “Something for you,” he tells Marcus, who eagerly takes the lubed dildo and fucks himself with it on the principal’s desk, as the older man strokes his cock.

The eroticism of being fully naked in his principal’s office, fucking himself with a dildo while being jerked off, makes Marcus leak and whimper harder than he ever has before. As his moans get louder the closer he comes to climax, Principal Kamp suddenly leans down and takes the boy cock into his mouth just as Marcus starts shooting. Pulled up from the desk, a still-shaking Marcus looks up at Principal Kamp. “Stop having sex with my faculty,” he tells the boy. “If you’re horny, come see me.”