MARCUS & DR. WOLF - Dr. Wolf's Office

Chapter 1: Dr. Wolf's Office

Marcus had heard about Dr. Wolf from some of his other short friends. The handsome doctor was known for specializing in young men with smaller bodies. Any search on local endocrinologists would have helped, but the word on the street was that he was a lot more “hands-on” than other medical professionals. Marcus was curious to check him out, leading him to make an appointment to see just how thorough the doctor could be.

As he sat in the waiting room, his mind raced about what he would be like. He’d seen his photo and knew what he looked like, but a lot was still a mystery. He also couldn’t be sure that the rumors would be true. It was his first time with him and he wasn’t sure what he could do or say. Before he could devise a plan, he was told to go into Dr. Wolf’s exam room.

When he entered the room, he was stunned by just how attractive the doctor was! The pictures didn’t do him justice; and seeing him in person, he was amazed just how tall he was too! He couldn’t be sure, but he seemed to be at least a foot taller than himself!

He tried to stay calm and cool, but his heart raced as the doctor proceeded to take off his clothes and listen to his heart, but he knew it was just excitement from being near the handsome giant. Marcus was compliant and passive during the exam, standing where he was told, sitting when he was told, measured up and down, all the usual trappings of a full exam.

Marcus did note that Dr. Wolf’s expression seemed to become more and more pleased as each measurement was taken. He was somehow impressed and excited at just how tiny Marcus was. He couldn’t be sure what it meant; but as he was being weighed, he was surprised to find Dr. Wolf caressing his back as he stood on the scale. His hands stayed in place at first, as if to keep him steady on the platform; but they quickly made their way down to his buttocks, slipping beneath the waistband of his jeans, and feeling his bare ass.

Marcus felt his face flush. He couldn’t believe it… The rumors had to be true! The tall, hot, and handsome Dr. Wolf was getting a little frisky! Marcus didn’t know what to do, thinking that he misinterpreted the touch. Just as quickly as it slid in there, the doctor pulled his hand out and ordered him to lie down on the bench.

Marcus took his pants off at the doctor’s request, lying down as Dr. Wolf ran his hands over the boy’s stomach. Marcus was getting aroused and loving every moment the man’s fingers pressed into his flesh. He was only in his briefs and was very aware that any excitement would show. He tried to stay cool, but once Dr. Wolf’s hands went over his thighs, the game was over!

His cock started to twitch in his underwear as it swelled from excitement. With his arousal unable to hide, he bravely reached out his hand to touch the doctor’s crotch. This was the moment of truth.

The doctor looked at him knowingly; with a slight smile, he silently communicated his awareness of the situation. Dr. Wolf continued to examine the boy’s genitals, pulling his cock out of underwear as he began to gently stroke it. He watched as it got harder, palpated by his large, skilled hands. The boy’s cock was beautiful and full in his palm, held up by two full testicles. He was exactly what the doctor loved to see… A handsome, tiny boy with a big dick!

Dr. Wolf continued the exam as his teasing became less and less professional; and the boy couldn’t help but moan at his touch. Marcus pressed his body against the doctor, leaning on him slightly as he responded to each sensitive sensation.

Dr. Wolf felt his own cock hard in his pants, poking out a bulge that stood at the same level as the boy’s stomach. Their height difference was more than he could stand, and he knew he had to pull it out.

Marcus watched as the man unzipped his pants and released his massive cock from the white briefs within. Before he could reach for it, Dr. Wolf put the boy back on the table and pulled out the feet of the stirrups. Marcus lifted his legs up, spreading his cheeks apart as Dr. Wolf gently teased his hole.

Marcus stroked his cock, excited and breathy with anticipation. It was going to happen. It was really going to happen. He was going to get fucked by Dr. Wolf, and he wanted it more than anything else in the world!