LOGAN & DR WOLF - Follow Up Doctor's Visit

Chapter 5: Follow Up Doctor's Visit

Logan can’t stop thinking about his tall physician, Dr. Wolf. The handsome man has been sweet and affectionate, taking him into his home and fucking Logan again and again. Unfortunately, the good doctor has more than one patient and isn’t always available to the horny young man…

Dr. Wolf is pleased when he sees Logan come into his office, but naturally concerned for the boy’s wellbeing. Logan explains how he hurt his knee and needs it checked out, prompting the friendly doctor to give a thorough exam. As much as the doctor is happy to see Logan, he has to put his health first!

Dr. Wolf checks the boy’s knee, testing it for swelling and pain before moving on to the surrounding areas. He can’t seem to find the problem, moving to test his reflexes and sensitivity for a proper diagnosis. As he pokes, prods, and tests, the answer becomes clear; there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Logan!

Suddenly, it became clear, Logan was just horny! Dr. Wolf manages to get his small patient to come clean, admitting that he’s hungry to feel the taller man’s cock up his tight hole! Dr. Wolf can’t resist, feeling a little worked up himself from having felt up the boy’s body…

Dr. Wolf takes off his clothes, stripping down to reveal his large, swollen cock. Logan wraps his hands around it, admiring its size and girth. Dr. Wolf bends him over the exam table, sliding it between his cheeks and feeling the boy’s soft, smooth hole submit to his massive manhood! With a smooth, steady push, he slides himself inside the boy, making him moan with satisfied pleasure. This is what Logan needed more than anything, and the doctor was going to make sure he got a proper dose of his cock and cum!