LOGAN & BIG RYAN - Big Ryan's Janitor Office

Chapter 1: Big Ryan's Janitor Office

Logan is small for his age. At 5’5” he’s the shortest of all his classmates and that causes him to get singled out occasionally. One day after school, Logan escapes into the janitor’s office to hide, knowing that it’s usually open and easy to lock from inside. As he evades his bullies’ attention, he finds himself one on one with the tall, handsome, quiet school janitor…

“Big Ryan” is known for his large size. Standing at 6’8”, he’s well over a foot taller than most of the students he passes in the halls — even many of the teachers! Logan admires how no one tries anything funny with him, fearing his extreme size and what he could do. And there’s a rumor that big Ryan is really packing something “big”... Little Logan can’t help but imagine what it would be like to be manhandled by the giant man. It was his frequent daydream, and a huge turn on!

Alone in their tiny room, Logan is incredibly thankful to have escaped. The two chat briefly about the situation, and Big Ryan lets Logan know that things will get better for him. Logan can’t help but be aroused by the tall man’s voice, his kind words, and the sense of protection he feels in that room with Big Ryan. He was grateful for the sense of safety that Big Ryan offered, and he wanted to be close to him.

Big Ryan doesn’t beat around the bush. When he towers over a boy, he can see in their eyes if they are begging him to manhandle them. And the handsome giant loves the feeling of being bigger and more powerful! He helps his little buddy shuck off his clothes without any protest. As he peels off the boy’s clothes, he takes his time to feel the young man’s smooth skin with his large hands. As his fingers slip into Logan’s pants, he feels the boy’s rock hard cock and knows how badly the boy wants him…

Logan pulls out Ryan’s cock from his overalls, feeling it fill his hand completely. His hot, heavy balls hands down between his long legs, making Logan’s hole pucker to be filled! The tall man bends his tiny bottom over his work desk, feeling his cock press between his smooth, bare ass. Logan moans as Ryan’s huge member penetrates his sphincter, giving in before being forced completely open for the giant’s cock!