JONATHAN & DR WOLF - Dr Wolf’s Office

Chapter 1: Dr Wolf’s Office

Jonathan showed up to his annual physical a bit nervous. He recently turned 18 and, like all boy’s his age, sex was on his mind non-stop. He really wants to have sex, but he’s a tiny, little guy who’s got a thing for big guys. All his porn searches are for “gay size difference” and “macrophilia.”

And seeing little guys like him getting fucked by huge guys in porn, he’s afraid it’s going to hurt when he does finally get what he desires. And he’s hoping he can broach the subject of his concern during his next doctor’s visit, but has no idea if he’ll have the courage to bring it up.

Jonathan was in for his annual back-to-school physical. When Dr. Wolf saw Jonathan’s name among the list of the day’s patients, the physician was surprised an entire year had passed. That would mean Jonathan was getting ready to start his senior year.

Jonathan was a sweet, adorable young man with a great, fit, compact 5’4” body. Dr. Wolf found Jonathan to be perfectly healthy, despite his parents’ worry that the boy was not growing as fast as other boys his age.

During the course of their exam, the handsome doctor got Jonathan undressed. The physical was routine for a young athlete. The boy’s firm, young body had become muscular and toned in ways that were quite admirable. And although he’d been through the exam many times, the boy seemed fidgety whenever the doctor touched his body. It wasn’t the response of discomfort, but rather of pleasure.

Dr. Wolf could tell the boy enjoyed his touch. The doctor hadn’t yet asked the boy about his sexual questions, but he wondered if the young man was going to tell him that he likes other boys.

Given the advent of accessible, online pornography that helps young men navigate their sexuality, boy’s concern should not have caught the physician so completely off guard. Not only was the boy into other boys, but he was into boys and men who were much bigger than him. And not only that, he was extremely nervous that, given his small frame, he wouldn’t be able to accommodate much inside his tight little backside. He had tried to play with himself, and apparently it had been alarmingly painful to get much more than his finger to go inside.

The handsome, older man quickly reassured Jonathan that his little anus was indeed quite pliable. With some practice, the boy could and probably would learn to accommodate the girthiest and largest of endowments. If that’s what he wanted and he had the patience, it would all work out just fine. Dr Wolf knew from experience that the issue was almost always just psychological--fear of the unknown and of the first time. His explanation prompted Jonathan to ask if he could show Dr Wolf the problem, and maybe then help him figure out the best way to loosen up.

The conversation had clearly aroused his patient, and in turn that had definitely gotten him noticeably aroused. And here this handsome young athlete sat, in his underwear, sending overt signals that he wanted Dr Wolf to open him up.

The young athlete quickly turned to lie face down on the exam table while the tall, handsome doctor began the slow process of filling his virgin hole with a plug. It was quite satisfying for the doctor to feel boy’s tight sphincter struggle to take small bulb, guiding the boy beyond the pain as the object filled his tiny little anus. As the boy’s moans went from pleasure to pain to pleasure again as he was giving him the feeling of being penetrated, the doctor became even further aroused.

As the small little guy struggled to take the stretching, it was his trust his doctor that made it possible. He felt safe in the big, strong hands of this handsome man. The doctor was hardly surprised by how aroused the young man had become, but was surprised by how quickly the boy’s little anus seemed to readily accommodate more. The boy hoped that the tall and, by the looks of the bulge in his pants, very hung doctor was preparing him for the real thing.

Dr Wolf was certainly turned on watching his tiny patient being deflowered on his table, watching with pride and excitement as the little guy took more and more of what he was given. And not only that, he began to like it! Jonathan’s cock grew hard against the table, leaking a river of precum when Dr Wolf finally offered him the chance to upgrade to a real flesh and blood cock.

The boy responded by lifting his legs and watching as his tall, handsome doctor pulled his huge cock out of his pants and readied it for his hole. He couldn’t believe the size of the man’s huge erection. But instead of fear, he felt safe knowing that this huge cock was attached to this huge man he trusted. With his ass warmed up and wet, the doctor was able to push the enormously fat mushroom head of his cock past the virgin boy’s tight little sphincter. And it didn’t take long before he was able to take the giant man’s member smoothly, feeling it slide up against his prostate in one, long, pleasant push.

Jonathan couldn’t believe he was losing his virginity, but couldn’t be happier to have it happen in the safety and privacy of his doctor’s office! And he spent the next 30 minutes in that space between pleasure and pain before having the most explosive and pleasurable orgasm of his young life to date.