Chapter 3: The Tailor

Jonathan is getting ready for a formal event and knows he needs to get a new suit. There’s only one tailor in town who has a sterling reputation for handling smaller sizes and proportions! Little does he know just how experienced the tailor is with smaller guys.

Stepping into the studio, Jonathan is nervous about what to expect. He’s seen the tailor, Mr. Steele, around. Jonathan is impressed with his good looks, incredible physique, and towering height, but being a little shy, he doesn’t know how to make the first move to indicate his interest. Bracing his nerves, Jonathan decides to wear his favorite jockstrap to the fitting just in case he gets the chance to give the handsome giant a special view of his body...

As Mr. Steele begins to take his tape measure to the boy’s body, Jonathan could feel his heart pounding in his chest. With his fair skin, he was sure the tall man could see him blushing. He felt his body perspire through his shirt, making him nervous that he was embarrassing himself. But as Mr. Steele instructed him to remove his pants for an in-seam measurement, he felt a burst of bravery come over him.

Stepping back behind the privacy divider, he takes off his pants and shirt, ready to reveal himself to the handsome man. As he does, he can see Mr. Steele sporting a prominent bulge in his pants, clearly responding to what he was seeing!

The inseam measurement quickly takes a turn as the older man plays with the boy’s groin, stroking his cock through his undergarments, and seeing his mouth open with a slight moan. Jonathan was cute and lean, well-groomed and fit, he couldn’t resist enjoying the small boy’s body...

Jonathan wanted Mr. Steele badly, feeling his body through his fine clothes, able to feel every carved out muscle and line along his torso. He begged to see him naked, a request the good tailor could not deny.

Stripping down, Mr. Steele seemed to grow even taller in Jonathan’s eyes. His muscles were smooth and wide, strong and developed; he could have been an action hero brought to life. And when he pulled down his pants, his massive cock filled his underwear, nearly to the point of breaking!

Jonathan was ready for him, desperate to feel his cock inside him, to be dominated by his size and strength and to take his bareback fucking right then and there. The suit could wait...