IAN - Dr. Wolf's Office

Chapter 2: Dr. Wolf's Office

Ian didn’t mind when all his classes were online. He could focus on his studies and play games with his friends all day. He even found time to masturbate between lessons, something he’d never been able to do when everything was in-person. But with things starting to return to some degree of normalcy, Ian found himself back in a classroom with his peers.

And as if it were some cruel joke, all the boys seemed to shoot up an extra foot in height in the time they’d been away while he managed to stay stuck at 5’4”! He didn’t want to stand out in that way, but the young, short man found himself staring up at giants everywhere he went.

The other boys noticed right away, giving him a hard time for his size and bullying him whenever they had the chance. Ian was used to the other students being assholes, but with their extra size and strength, they managed to do something unthinkable: duct tape him to a wall!

Once he came down, humiliated and defeated, his old man sent him to the doctor to get checked out. Ian didn’t know what a doctor was going to do for him and was a little embarrassed to even make an appointment. But once he saw the physician, he could hardly contain his excitement.

Dr. Wolf was seated when he entered the exam room, but when he rose, he stood taller than most men Ian had ever seen. At roughly 6’6”, he was over a foot taller than Ian, making him feel even smaller as he sat down on the medical table. Dr. Wolf was calm and collected, asking questions about the nature of Ian’s visit while the young man’s heart raced in his chest. Ian could hardly get the words out of his mouth as the handsome doctor took his routine measurements.

When Ian explained his situation, Dr. Wolf felt for the little guy, disappointed that he was made to feel like being small was something to be ashamed of. He told him that there was nothing wrong with his size, even suggesting that it was pretty awesome. But despite Ian’s attraction to the tall man and his reassuring words, he didn’t believe that his size was anything to be proud of.

As the exam continued, Ian found himself becoming more and more aroused, turned on by every gentle touch. Dr. Wolf was so delicate and careful with him, he felt a tingling sensation run up his neck and over his scalp. It was a pleasant feeling that practically lulled him into a state of relaxation, making him unaware of just how excited his cock was getting.

Dr. Wolf, however, was keenly aware of the boy’s reaction. Since he put the stethoscope to his chest, he could tell that Ian was reacting strongly to his size. He didn’t want to intimidate him, knowing that he’d experienced enough trauma at the hands of bigger guys. Instead, he tried to be careful with him, letting his own desires come to the surface.

As he examined Ian’s genitals, he saw his cock becoming hard, but Ian did not shy away or retreat from his touch. If anything, he seemed to enjoy it, clenching his toes and arching his back as Dr. Wolf’s large hands gripped his shaft. Ian’s hand found its way to Dr. Wolf’s crotch, grazing the edge of the older man’s own growing bulge.

“You want to see it?” Dr. Wolf asked softly, his deep voice barely echoing in the small office. If Ian wasn’t hanging on to everything the giant man said and did, he could have missed it. Luckily, he did not.

“Yes… please…” he responded, giving a wide-eyed looked to the doc that made his heart melt. Ian was such a sweet boy, desperate to be cared for and appreciated. And Dr. Wolf knew better than most just how special he was.

Pulling out his cock, Ian’s mouth went agape at the sight of Dr. Wolf’s impressive length. It was bigger and thicker than he imagined, falling out of his underwear from the weight of his heavy, low-hanging nuts.

Ian's mouth salivated. He couldn’t believe he was so close to a cock this big on a man of Dr. Wolf’s size. He looked up at him, waiting for permission to continue, only to feel his heart jump in his chest when the older man nodded in affirmation. Taking a deep breath, the young man took the wide head of his cock into his mouth, feeling his lips stretch to try and take it all, finding himself struggling to handle its girth.

Dr. Wolf let out a deep moan, feeling the warm, wet mouth of the boy begin to polish the end of his giant cock. He knew it was more than Ian would be able to handle, but he didn’t have the heart to stop him from trying. He loved seeing him worship his cock, holding it in both hands as he stroked it and sucked on the end.

Ian could feel the massive shaft getting bigger and harder, becoming more and more difficult to swallow. He looked up at Dr. Wolf again, seeing him smile and nod, telling him he was doing a good job. He wanted him more than anything else, eager to satisfy him and make him happy. He wondered what it would feel like to try and take his cock in his hole, an idea that filled him with both fear and excitement...