FUN-PACK - Principal's Office

Chapter 6: Principal's Office

Austin knew Marcus had been called to the principal’s office not long ago—everyone gossiped in the lunchroom—but there was something different about Marcus when he came to class, and it was something Austin was sure he recognized. It was a subtle smirk in the corner of the boy’s mouth and a knowing glint in the way Marcus maintained eye contact when he caught Austin staring.

It took a measure of courage for Austin to follow Marcus behind one of the school buildings between classes and even longer to bring up what had happened. They didn’t know one another well. But sure enough, Marcus bragged about his time in Principal Kamp’s office and it had been hotter than Austin had imagined. Apparently, the tall, beefy man hadn’t removed a shred of clothing and just pleasured Marcus to orgasm. What sort of punishment was that supposed to be? It sounded amazing! Together, the boys hatched a plan to get called into the office at the same time. Austin and Marcus would skip class together in their hangout spot a few days in a row and wait for the inevitable summons.

Now that they were in Principal Kamp’s office, Austin was suddenly nervous as he and Marcus obeyed orders and stripped to their briefs. He counted in his head the number of times he had been with the tall, sexy men around campus; Mr. Ryan the janitor, Lt. Adams, the recruiter who visited for career fairs, and now Dr. Wolf was the school nurse! How many times had he been with that mountain of a man or spent the day imagining that he was sliding up and down on the doctor’s giant cock? The rush of it all had Austin’s heart pounding almost as much as the thought of being Principal Kamp’s tiny little play thing.

Now, stripped to their underwear in Principal Kamp’s office, Austin and Marcus are awaiting the arrival of Dr. Wolf, who had been called in to consult on the boys’ behavior. Austin had been sure they were on the right track, but this was not part of the plan! Principal Kamp’s broad frame loomed over both of the boys, and neither of them could take their eyes off the man’s groin, a prize still so far out of reach.

Dr. Wolf enters and diagnoses the issue the moment the tall man sees the bulges in the boys’ underwear. “There’s nothing wrong with these boys,” Dr. Wolf said with one big hand holding Austin behind the head and the other pulling the boy’s rigid cock down to let it spring loose in the air. The top of Austin’s head doesn’t even reach Dr. Wolf’s armpit. “They’re just horny.”

“I’ve told them to come here if they want to get off,” Principal Kamp said. “Have you tried fucking them in here?” Dr. Wolf asks. When the principal says no, Dr. Wolf suggests, “Let’s change that.”

Dr. Wolf sends Austin to Principal Kamp and beckons Marcus to approach. Checking the boy’s large, heavy testicals, he realizes Marcus isn’t masturbating enough. He has the boys switch places so he can get Austin up on the desk to rim the boy’s ass. Principal Kamp has Marcus kneel in front of him, grinding the boy’s face into his groin. This is what the boys had planned. He feels so big, Ausin thinks. The plan is working!

The room is filled with the two students’ moans, which only get louder when the tall men have Marcus join Austin on all fours on the desk. Dr. Wolf milks precum out of both boys from behind, massaging and tugging on their balls and cocks.

Dr. Wolf lets the boys get down, and Marcus goes back to Principal Kamp while Austin kneels before Dr. Wolf. The man lets his pants fall and the massive, tightly wrapped pouch of his briefs bounces free in Austin’s face. The boy looks up in wonder and begins rubbing it eagerly. Marcus stands with his back pressed against the principal, jerking his cock while the man towering over him teases the boy’s nipples and rubs his bare torso. When Dr. Wolf pulls down his briefs, Austin immediately begins choking on the huge meat without instruction. The boy’s hands look even smaller against Dr. Wolf’s hard cock and big, swinging balls.

Marcus watches as Dr. Wolf lifts Austin onto the desk, smacking his giant cock against Austin’s balls before pressing the round head against the boy’s little hole. Dr. Wolf knows just how to deliver the cure Austin needs and he knows what the little guy is capable of so he thrusts deep, refusing to let Austin touch himself as he plows over the boy’s swollen prostate. Being denied orgasm is a part of the punishment neither of the boys anticipated!

Marcus is jealous of the treatment Austin seems to be getting, especially when Dr. Wolf pulls out and Marcus can see his buddy’s soft hole gaping open. Marcus doesn’t have to wait long. Dr. Wolf has the boys switch places, and Marcus finds himself begging for the man’s immense shaft. It isn’t given right away and the man seems to be toying with him. When he does feel Dr. Wolf’s cock against his hole he has a sudden sense of relief, but when his hole starts to stretch open, he realizes it’s more than he bargained. Marcus whimpers painfully as Dr. Wolf slides in slowly. The sight makes Austin smile. He doesn’t get to see what his own hole must look like impaled on that giant cock.

As Marcus loosens up, Dr. Wolf punches deeper and faster but the boy can only take about two thirds of his full length. Marcus jerks himself furiously, begging to cum while Dr. Wolf pulls hard on the boy’s big balls. Dr. Wolf lets the boy’s balls go, and Marcus shoots ropes of cum across his chest and all over the desk, whimpering even as Dr. Wolf pulls out. Marcus’ entire body is shaking and he can barely stand as Dr. Wolf pulls him to his feet for a kiss, and then has Austin return to his place on the desk.

Austin is determined to show Marcus how it’s done, and even though he has taken Dr. Wolf’s massive member many times, the size of it still makes him moan as his hole opens around the man’s dick. Dr. Wolf gives him the full length, bottoming out somewhere deep in the boy’s abdomen. He strokes Austin’s cock feverishly as he feels the boy’s hole tightening, the little prostate swelling against his cock. Austin’s cum gets flung across his body and around the room from the speed of Dr. Wolf’s jerking. Dr. Wolf doesn’t stop squeezing or jerking though and the post-orgasmic stimulation finds the boy crying, “I’m sorry. I’ll be good.”

The scheme might not have gone according to plan, but when the boys talk about it later in their secret hangout spot, they realize it wasn’t all that bad. So they didn’t get to see the principal’s cock, but maybe there’s a better way to entice the big man. And if they have to create a little more chaos to get it, so be it. They would make it a competition. First one to get the man’s cock out would be the winner. And if they have to get in more trouble to do it… well… they were both eager for either result.