DANNY & DR. WOLF - Dr. Wolf's Office

Chapter 1: Dr. Wolf's Office

Danny loves being active! He runs, he plays sports, he goes to the gym, and he does all he can to feel bigger and stronger. But at 5’1” he’s aware that he’s always going to be a bit smaller than the average jock. And while high shelves might be an obstacle, he’s never let his size determine what he can and cannot do...

As he’s gotten older, he’s found that it’s actually put a different kind of spotlight on him! Guys in the gym watch him lift weights, impressed with his small stature and developed muscles. They love seeing him squat, pushing out his round ass, imagining him riding their cocks. It used to make him blush, but now he’s keen on the image as well!

He never got the chance to realize it, however, until he started seeing his new physician, Dr. Wolf. It was dumb luck that he ended up in the doctor’s office, looking to get a routine physical exam. But once he saw the man in the white coat, he couldn’t hide his arousal.

The first visit was so short and clinical, nothing more than a flu shot. But he insisted on coming back as soon as he could for a more thorough visit, hoping to have more time with the handsome doctor. He wanted him so badly, even if all it meant was a couple hands on his body...

Once he got his longer visit, he could see that Dr. Wolf stood taller over him than any man he’d ever seen in person! Danny only came up to his shoulder, he couldn’t help but have to look up at the tall man. As Dr. Wolf ran his hands over him, measuring him and assessing his size and health, his heart raced, thinking of how badly he wanted to see if his cock matched his height.

When it came time for Dr. Wolf to perform the notorious hernia check and testicular exam, Danny did all he could to resist moaning with each manipulation of his genitals. It felt so good to have his member in the hands of the handsome giant. So good that he started to get hard!

Dr. Wolf could tell from the way his heart beat and his skin flushed that he was aroused. His pupils dilated and his lips pouted, Dr. Wolf could see his eyes rolling into his head as he gently began stroking his cock.

It was clear that Danny wasn't in for a normal exam, considering that he’d only waited a couple weeks since his last visit. And every time Dr. Wolf touched him, Danny opened up more of himself to the tall daddy, practically begging for more through his breathing and posture. Dr. Wolf loved how little guys looked on his cock, so he was happy to share it with his handsome new patient!

Danny’s eyes went wide as Dr. Wolf pulled out his massive member, seeing just how proportional the giant cock was to the man it was attached to! Not only was he the tallest man he’d stood next to, but he’d never in his life encountered a dick as big. Dr. Wolf pointed it up toward the sweet young man, watching as he knelt down to begin sucking it.

Danny managed to get both of his hands wrapped around it as he angled his head up to suck it. It tasted so good and felt warm between his lips. As he worked hard to stroke it, he felt it throb and pulse, making his own cock stand at attention. But Dr. Wolf knew that the boy needed more than just a face full of his manhood! Sensing the boy’s desires, the doctor propped him up on his medical table, giving him room for his legs to spread out.

Danny got comfortable as Dr. Wolf pulled out the stirrups, knowing that he was about to get fucked. He was nervous to take such a huge object in his body, even if it was attached to such a handsome, tall man. He worried it would hurt or it wouldn’t fit, given his small size. But as Dr. Wolf spit onto his hand, he gave him an assuring look that it would all be okay. Putting his faith in the tall medic, he watched as he slowly brought the giant tool to his asshole...