CHASE & DR. WOLF - Dr Wolf's House

Chapter 3: Dr Wolf's House

No one makes Chase feel quite like Dr. Wolf does! The tall, handsome man has the most gentle of tender touches, not to mention the most passionate kisses. Chase loves looking up into his eyes, seeing the doctor’s desire for him as he looked down upon his small, petite frame. And when the physician holds him close, it was like he was in the arms of a beautiful giant, powerful and strong, yet careful not to break his prized possession.

Chase’s body opens up for Wolf with ease and trust. Perhaps it’s from the many visits he’s had with him or the older man’s practiced knowledge of the human body, but he knows he can give himself over to the older man completely and that he’ll be okay. More than okay! He’ll experience the most exquisite of pleasures...

Pulling out Dr. Wolf’s cock, Chase still can’t believe just how large his manhood is! Despite having sucked and fucked it a few times, it always stunned him to see one so massive. He can’t help but study every ample inch, taking in every vein and contour, worshipping its size and shape.

His mouth waters just thinking about it, eager to feel it between his lips, as well as inside his hungry hole! It’s still a struggle, as it would be for any little guy, but he now approaches it with fearlessness, knowing that the Goliath can be conquered!

Dr. Wolf’s long arms stretch to play with the boy’s hole, fingering him gently as Chase gets the tip of his cock wet. He loves seeing him work his shaft, but nothing is as sweet as feeling his big head push through the young man’s tight sphincter...

Chase follows his top’s lead, turning around to present his hole for penetration. His heart races, excited and nervous for his deep fuck. He follows the guidance of the good doctor, focusing on his breathing and relaxation, readying himself for the first push.

Dr. Wolf brings his wet cock to the boy’s hole, teasing him as it grazes up against the mouth of his anus. He pushes forward ever so slightly, letting Chase feel it kiss him, just barely applying pressure. Dr. Wolf looked into the boy’s eyes, waiting for the signal, wanting Chase to ask for it — to beg for it. To show that he needed it! Chase, unable to form words in his arousal, manages to nod, giving Dr. Wolf the approval needed to proceed.

And with that, he pushed himself in, giving the eager bottom his cock one inch at a time, starting with this fat, throbbing cock head! Chase gasped as he felt it move inside him, breaking the seal as it became part of his body. He inhaled deeply as it worked it’s way further, amazed by how good it felt. He never quite could believe how big it was inside his little body, making every time feel as exciting and raw as the first time!

Nevertheless, he steeled himself for the big man, wanting to take all he could give! He braced himself on the bed as the monster cock made its way inside him completely, practically pushing up against his stomach, and putting a big smile on the small boy’s face...