CHASE & DR. WOLF - Dr. Wolf's Office

Chapter 1: Dr. Wolf's Office

Chase followed the tall doctor’s directions as he carried out his exam. Standing where he was told to stand, stripping when told to strip, subjecting himself to the handsome man’s protocols. He watched as Dr. Wolf weighed him, took his measurements, and felt around his body as he listened to his heartbeat closely.

He was lulled into a state of relaxed passivity, finding a kind of peace in giving up his body. However, with every gentle, assuring touch of the physician, Chase found himself becoming increasingly aroused...

He didn’t intend for it to happen, but his body was still a bit out of his control. It happened a lot when he was around other guys, especially when he was being touched. Normally he could focus on other things, but it was nearly impossible to escape the intimacy of the doctor’s office. The cold head of the stethoscope sent a tingle up his spine that was soothed by the warm hands of the older man. He couldn’t remember the last time someone had given him the attention and care that he was getting; the sensation caused his cock to swell!

When Dr. Wolf asked him to pull down his pants, his face flushed red, not exactly sure how to proceed. He knew he couldn’t really say no to the doctor, but he knew showing his hard-on would be humiliating. Especially when it was clear what had caused it!

He barely got the words out of his mouth to alert Dr. Wolf to his situation. The older man had seen it all before, but was amused and flattered by the boy’s timid admission of arousal. Nevertheless, he continued on with the exam...

Inquiring about the boy’s masturbation practices, Dr. Wolf suggested something that could help him control his urges a little more. Pouring some lube on the boy’s big cock, he watched as his small frame responded intensely with pleasure! It was clear he hadn’t been jerking off all that often, and when he had, he wasn’t using lube to enhance the sensation.

Dr. Wolf held the boy’s cock in his hand, stroking it up and down, getting himself turned on by the power he held over Chase’s body!

He knew he had to make the sexy boy cum, and he had a number of toys with which to drive him wild...