Chapter 8: The Fitting

Austin couldn’t wait to see Mr. Steele again. It was awkward being fitted and measured, but Mr. Steele made him feel comfortable and special. Especially after their last intimate appointment, Austin was eager to get the older man’s hands on his tiny body again.

As soon as he walked in, he saw Mr. Steele’s blue eyes light up and as a big grin came over his face. Austin could have sworn he saw the fabric over his crotch jump up as well. Mr. Steele helped him undress, readying him to try on his suit. He couldn’t resist himself by caressing his body and cock, even tousling his hair a bit. It felt so good! All Austin wanted was to be back in the older man’s embrace, and here he was again, standing naked in front of him.

Mr. Steele teased him a bit by having him try on his jacket. The coat was so big that it practically touched the floor as it draped off his tiny shoulders. He leaned in and kissed him as they laughed; grabbing at the boy’s hard dick. He stroked it, feeling it swell in his grip. He wanted to see him cum again, but he had to get to business first.

Austin tried on the bespoke shirt and suit that Mr. Steele had carefully prepared for him, feeling it snugly fit all the right parts of his body. Mr. Steele was clearly good at what he did and was careful to remember every detail of his form when he made them. Austin was happy to finally have some fancy clothes that fit him well!

Mr. Steele inspected him, making sure everything fit well, taking every advantage to feel up his ass and crotch as he did. Austin didn’t mind, he wanted him more than he wanted the suit. The tall, handsome man was so attentive, so giving, so loving of his small body; and Austin wanted to feel him again as well!

As Mr. Steele took off his suit and shirt, carefully peeling them off his body to finish the final alterations, Austin’s heart fluttered. He hoped that the silver-haired man would fuck him again. Steele leaned down and kissed the young boy, sensing his desperation in his breathy, quiet moans.

Mr. Steele took off his shirt, giving the boy a view of his muscular chest and arms. He could see Austin wanted him badly and he liked that. He liked having a little guy worship his size and make him feel strong and powerful. As he continued to strip, Austin’s eyes focused on his massive cock, hidden in his tight white underwear.

The short boy pulled it out, still impressed with its size and girth. He remembered how it felt inside him and was eager to have it back inside him! He dropped to his knees, taking the big man’s cock in his mouth, savoring its taste and warmth on his tongue. He looked up at Mr. Steele, towering several feet above him. It was like looking at a bronze giant statue, perfectly sculpted and immovable.

Mr. Steele looked down at the boy, seeing his desire in his eyes. He was like a little cock sucking toy, so small he could fit entirely in his hand. He couldn’t wait to feel Austin slip over his cock, tight and warm like a sheath to a sword. He wanted to fill him up with his meat, fuck him hard and raw, and leave a load deep inside him that he could take back home and feel inside him for hours...