Chapter 6: The Tailor

Austin always has trouble finding clothes that fit. Usually he can just pop into the kid’s section of a clothing store to find the sizes he needs... But the more specific the items he needs, the more he needs to get things specially made. When it came time for Austin to get ready for a formal school event, he had to go and get fitted for tux.

After a lot of searching, he found a good tailor who could measure him up and find something that would suit him without being too juvenile. Mr. Steele had a good reputation online and was fairly close by.

When Austin entered his shop, he was immediately taken with how handsome he was. He looked more like a movie star than a local tailor! He had piercing grey eyes, a strong jaw, and a trimmed, white beard to compliment his silver hair. Even in his white dress shirt, it was apparent just how fit and lean he was. Austin was stunned at just how big his hands were; when he shook his hand, it easily wrapped around his. Even with all that, Austin felt his heart race over one simple fact… The man was a giant! He must have been 6’4” or so, a solid foot taller than Austin.

Dallas was friendly and polite, but had a very straight-to-business manner. He was quick to ask Austin to undress and ready himself to be measured. Austin felt a bit turned around, still stunned from the man’s incredible attractiveness. Here he was now stripping down in front of him!

Dallas could tell the boy was affected by him. He was fairly used to people finding him attractive. He could also tell the young guy was a little nervous and getting aroused. He smiled to himself, amused by the young guy’s situation. When Austin came out from the privacy divider, he could see just how small he was all over. Small everywhere, but his cock!

As Dallas wrapped his measuring tape around the young boy, he was amazed that Austin’s chest was smaller than his own waist! And his waist was almost as small as his thigh! As he wrote down each number in his notes, he found himself getting aroused by the reality of the boy’s size. Before he could get to his inseam, he could see the boy’s cock almost completely hard in his underwear.

He was a professional and didn’t make a fuss about it, continuing to get what he needed. He did, however, take a little longer than usual to run his hand up his legs, feeling his smooth skin brush against his knuckles as the plastic tape extended inch by inch.

Twitching back and forth, the boy’s hard cock started to become a little hard to ignore. He brushed his hand against it and said playfully, “I think this thing is getting in the way.”

Austin laughed, embarrassed to be fully aroused in front of this handsome stranger, but appreciative that he was making him feel okay about it.

Dallas stroked it a little with his big hands, caressing it through his underwear. He whispered to him, “Do you like that?”

Austin replied with a breathy word, “Yeah.”

The taller, older man reached down below his waist band. “I guess not everything is small.” Austin laughed, feeling himself get even harder, warmed up by the man’s touch. Dallas leaned in and looked at him, sensing his openness, and leaned in for a kiss.

The soft, silver hairs of Dallas’ beard brushed against Austin’s smooth, bare face. Their lips pressed against each other as their tongues teased back-and-forth. Dallas then held Austin’s head against his hard chest, nestling in between his full pectoral and his broad shoulders. Austin felt so safe and secure in that space.

He reached his hand down and felt the tall man’s cock held tightly in his well tailored pants. He rubbed against it, eager to see it and feel it in his mouth and body. He leaned his head back and kissed Mr. Steele, ready for whatever else the silver giant would give him...