AUSTIN & RECRUITER ADAMS - Recruiter's Office - Evaluation

Chapter 1: Recruiter's Office - Evaluation

Austin is a growing boy and looking forward to his future. Naturally, he weighs his many different options... A new job, college, even maybe even military service. When he meets Brian, a recruiter who visited his school, he’s all the more intrigued!

Brian is tall... Exceptionally tall! Austin’s getting better at assessing people’s height, and based on his leg length, he had to be about 6’6”. Austin knows it’s just a number, but the thought of Brian being so much bigger made him willing to be alone with him for an evaluation.

Brian brought him into his office, preparing the usual paperwork that comes from a new potential recruit. Stripping Austin down, Brian took his measuring tape out and began writing down his various stats. Brian sees all different types of men all day; from the extremely athletic, to the very inactive… One thing he can’t deny is the feeling of power it gives him to see a smaller guy up on his stool, yielding to his authority, and making him feel like the big man in charge!

Austin stands tall, trying to be cooperative and accommodating; all the while watching Brian stare at his underwear. Austin tries to play it cool, but seeing the rise in the man’s uniform pants makes his mouth water! Brian catches him sneaking glances, prompting him to reach for the boy’s groin and play with his cock…

Mission accomplished! Austin follows the military man’s orders, stepping off the stool when asked, even pulling down Brian’s pants. His eyes widen when he sees his massive cock pop out of his pants, bigger and thicker than he could have imagined. His balls, hung nearly as low as the head of his cock, were presented it in front of him like a beautiful gift.

Brian orders him to stroke it, getting his member fuller and harder before Austin takes it into his mouth. The short boy can barely open his mouth wide enough to take it all, gagging on it as it stretches out his tiny throat!

Brian loves seeing Austin struggle on it, wiping away his tears as he tries again and again to keep it down. He gives the boy a reprieve from his mouth by putting the boy up on his desk and lifting up his legs to get access to his smooth, tight hole. Austin trembles, unsure if he’ll be able to take the army giant’s massive weapon.

Brian slides his cock in Austin’s hole, feeling the boy’s saliva help coax it in. Austin strokes his cock, moaning as Brian’s thick dick moves deeper inside his body. He feels his insides spread to make room for the big man’s meat, turned on and desperate to feel his load empty into his hole.