AUSTIN & LT. BRIAN ADAMS - Little Recruit Hookup

Chapter 17: Little Recruit Hookup

Austin practically came in his pants when he got the text from his recruiter to come over for a little fun. The young twink had been working hard all week, barely able to jerk off, let alone get laid! And there was no one he needed to get it from more than his hot, hung, giant recruiter...

Brian opened the door to his place to let Austin inside, it seemed as if he was at least two feet taller than Austin. The big guy was naturally large and handsome, but in Austin’s horny mind, he was a titan!

Austin leaned his head back to look up at Brian as he closed the door and planted a kiss on his lips. Austin could feel his massive cock bulging up against him, trapped inside the man’s tight underwear. He wasted no time in getting it out, hungry to feel it fill his hole.

Taking off their clothes, Austin kept his hand gripped around Brian’s cock, feeling its soft, silky texture, ribbed with thick, pulsing veins. Austin moaned as Brian ran his hands over his body, exciting the boy’s nipples with his touch and making him desperate for his manhood!

Brian lifted little Austin up, placing him on his high bed — the perfect height to fuck him. Austin followed Brian’s lead, lifting his legs up, bending them toward his chest to present his hole. The smooth, tight sphincter made Brian’s cock grow even harder, throbbing at the thought of being sheathed by the small twink...

Brian pressed his lips together, gathering spit on the tip of his tongue, and opening slightly to let it drip down on the end of his cock. It was barely enough to catch the light, but it slid over his member enough to ease into Austin’s hole. The boy might have asked for more, but he wanted his cock so badly that he just closed his eyes as it moved deep inside him.

Brian could feel his member completely wrapped up in the boy’s body, tightly gripped and massaged as he moved in and out. Austin’s hole seemed to have a will of its own, sucking in Brian’s shaft and clenching down as he pulled out. It was as if it didn’t want him to leave, doing everything it could to try to hold him in place. Austin’s smooth insides milked Brian’s cock, bringing him to the edge of orgasm deep inside Austin’s hole!