AUSTIN & LT. BRIAN ADAMS - Little Army Recruit

Chapter 11: Little Army Recruit

Austin takes a break from the strenuous drills of the tall army recruiter, finding some shade and quiet under a tarp cover. It’s hard for him to keep up with everyone else given his size. His light weight makes it easier to do pushups and pullups, but his short legs put him at a disadvantage in other areas. Just as he’s catching his breath, lieutenant Adams comes over to him, seeing the boy all alone.

The tall man can’t get enough of his little recruit, attracted to him not just for his size and fuckability, but also his attitude of perseverance and bravery. He knows these tests are hard on even the biggest guys, and Austin has shown he’s not one to give up!

As he joins Austin, he can’t resist getting his hands on him. He feels his tight little body and remembers how perfectly it felt with his larger body wrapped around him. Austin, clearly overcome by the man’s authority, size, and good locks, immediately submits to him as Lt. Adams caresses his loins.

Lt. Adams loves feeling Austin’s cock. The way it grows so big and fast is a marvel to see it on such a little guy! Lt. Adams quickly pulls it out as he leans down to kiss him, feeling it pulse in his hand. Austin’s heart rate is still raised from the activities of the day, but Lt. Adams has no doubt his heart is now pumping everything it has to the boy’s swollen member.

He lays Austin back, taking it into his mouth, feeling it practically hum between his lips. Austin lets out a moan, hearing his pleasure get lost in the rustling of the nearby trees. It’s amazing to be so out in the open, and yet so private.

Mr. Adam’s feels his own cock begging to be let out of his shorts, leaking pre-cum into his underwear as Austin’s body trembles with pleasure. The boy sees the rise in his shorts and does his part to help his handsome top. Lifting himself up, Austin pulls down Lt. Adams’ shorts, his eyes widening as Mr. Adam’s massive cock pops out. It seems bigger than he remembers, but everything on his giant top is massive compared to him!

Austin takes it into his mouth, enjoying the familiar taste of his recruiter on his tongue. He could suck it all afternoon, working it until it shot the tall man’s load down his throat like a quick afternoon protein shake… But Lt. Adams’ desire to breed is too strong to waste it in the boy’s stomach!

Lt. Adams pulls his cock out of the boy’s mouth and places him on his back, lifting his legs up to see his perfect, tight, smooth hole. With a little push and the saliva from Austin’s lips, he breaks through his narrow sphincter; shooting a sensation of absolute pleasure through his body as his cock become enveloped in Austin’s ass. Austin’s moans louder as he feels his insides expand to take his giant into him, eager to feel more of his uniformed top dominate him and fill him with his seed!