AUSTIN & JONATHAN - Dr Wolf's Private Room 3-some

Chapter 2: Dr Wolf's Private Room 3-some

Dr. Wolf has taken a real hands-on interest in his tiny bottom buddies! His patient, Jonathan, was quite hesitant to discuss some aspects of sex. When he first came out to his doctor, the boy knew he liked other guys, but he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to get anything much larger than a finger in his tight hole. With no one else to turn to, Jonathan naturally turns to Dr. Wolf during a visit for a physical, and asks for a bit of guidance…

After their first encounter, Jonathan goes back to see Dr. Wolf as often as possible. At a certain point, the doctor figured it was time to invite the boy over to his home. In his last few visits, he had begun talking about being the top, not just the bottom. Luckily, Dr. Wolf had a willing, able bottom that’s the perfect size for Jonathan!

The tall man wants the boys to have the freedom and privacy to experiment. As much as he loves being able to help, Dr. Wolf can’t help but be completely turned on by seeing these pint-sized young men kissing and touching each other.

Austin is just a few inches shorter than Jonathan, making him the perfect fit for Jonathan’s first time plowing another boy’s bottom. But Dr. Wolf isn’t going to be left out of the fun! As the three undress, Jonathan watches as Dr. Wolf teases and toys with Austin’s body, following his lead to seduce and ready the boy to be fucked…

Dr. Wolf gently pushes his huge cock against Austin's tiny hole, slowly forcing it open. After stretching the boy and warming up his hold with a few gentle fuck strokes, he readies Austin’s hole for Jonathan, who can’t wait to feel Austin’s hole wrap around his shaft! Austin moans, feeling the familiar cock stretch out his ass as it moves deeper.

The big handsome doctor pulls out his massive rod and gets behind Jonathan as he guides him toward his target. Jonathan plunges deep into Austin’s body, feeling his warm, velvety hole squeeze his dick tightly as Austin’s ass milks his raw cock!