AUSTIN & DR. WOLF - Dr. Wolf's House Guest

Chapter 4: Dr. Wolf's House Guest

Austin enjoys the attention he gets from Dr. Wolf. The tall man loves to feel his tiny little body and test out all the ways he can move him around in the bed. But sometimes, the giant doctor just loves showing him that he cares…

Austin was thrilled to receive the teddy bear from the older man, but he knows deep down there is an ulterior motive other than pure generosity. As much as Dr. Wolf wants to see him happy, he loves seeing how Austin sizes up next to objects. The average person might see that bear as just big, but it’s nearly the same size as Austin himself — a fact that gets Dr. Wolf’s cock instantly hard!

Dr. Wolf can’t resist getting aroused when he sees him holding it. He kisses the sweet young boy, caressing his body before pulling down his pants. He’s seen his naked body countless times, but it’s always a true pleasure to be reminded of how tiny he really is. Dr. Wolf his hand on his butt, feeling it completely encapsulated by his palm. It’s intoxicating just how big it makes him feel to have a tiny bottom there in his bed!

He pulls out his cock, keeping his eyes locked on Austin’s. Austin’s expression is always one of wonder whenever he sees the monster rod that his doctor has hidden in his pants. He loves it. He worships it… And he’s just as eager to feel it in him as Dr. Wolf is to sink it deep!

Austin lifts his legs up, holding his ankles in his hands, just the way Dr. Wolf likes. His little boy cock rests on his stomach, growing larger and leaking precum as Dr. Wolf slides his bare cock into his tight hole. There’s always a moment of tension as the mammoth dick meets with the young boy’s sphincter, building up pressure slowly as it tries to work its way in.

The force of the tall man’s piece is more than the little boy can resist, breaking through with heat and intense pleasure. Austin knows Dr. Wolf has sunk himself in when he feels the familiar sting inside his body, met with the feeling of the man’s heavy balls pressing against his smooth ass cheeks.

Austin moans as the big-dicked top fucks him deep, so far inside his body, it forces out the air from his lungs. Dr. Wolf looks down, watching as his manhood impossibly disappears into the tiny body of his horny bottom, watching it fall beneath the flesh and stir up the boy’s loins from the inside. Just the thought is enough to make the big man want to bust his nut…