AUSTIN & DR WOLF - Dr. Wolf's Private Room

Chapter 3: Dr. Wolf's Private Room

Dr. Wolf has grown very fond of little Austin. The short boy has come a long way from his quiet, shy demeanor in the sterile office. Now, in the tall man’s private suite he keeps for exactly this purpose, the tiny guy feels completely comfortable and relaxed… even a little frisky. The little guy is constantly thinking about how hot it is to be fucked and filled by the redhead giant, wishing never a moment pass where he wasn't riding his massive cock.

The king size bed that Dr. Wolf has is like an ocean for Austin to get lost in. He holds him on the edge, stripping off his clothes and keeping him safe a secure as they explore more of their intoxicating size difference. Legrand loves looking down, seeing Austin’s little body against his large hands. Even as his clothes are tossed aside, he can’t help but smile at how tiny they are.

Austin’s cock, however, stands upright, fully engorged and ready for action, knowing well just how capable the older man is of bringing him to intense sexual limits. He arches his back as Dr. Wolf’s fingers grab and caress his little butt, feeling his hole and the soft flesh around it. As close as he they have become, he can’t get enough of the way the doctor fondles his genitals and body, similar to how he’d done on the exam table. It makes him feel wanted and desired, but also a fun curiosity for the doctor to explore.

Austin gets up on the bed, lying with his legs completely stretched out with toes curling as he pulls out Legrand’s cock, taking it in his throat as it moves past his tongue. The doctor sees that he doesn’t extend the full width of the bed, with lots of room on either side. The visual only makes his cock harder, filling the boy’s mouth more. Austin struggles to take it all down, stroking the long shaft as he comes up for air, eager to feel it inside his tiny bum.

Dr. Wolf sees the hunger in the boy’s eyes, even as they tear up slightly on his massive meat. He knows the boy’s hole can take much more than his throat, so he bends him over the edge of the bed, giving him the perfect view of his tight little hole. He tells him to pop it up for him as he wets the tip of his dick with his spit. The boy takes a deep breath, focusing his body to relax and ready himself for the deep penetration he’s about to receive.

The doctor goes slow, pushing past his tight little sphincter. And once past his tiny hole, sliding in one inch at a time. He has fucked this little guy a lot and is likely still sore from being thoroughly bred again and again. But his own desires conflict with his nurturing instincts. Slowly thrusting forward and sawing back and forth make him want to feel more of the boy’s insides hugging around his shaft.

As soon as he feels he can, he slowly drives himself deep between the boy’s tight cheeks, with his large cockhead kissing the deepest part of the little guys rectum. It feels like heaven to be wrapped in such a tight tiny little hole that is spasming around his girth as the boy gets used to be stretched as wide as a summer sausage. Listening to the boy's breathy moans muffle into the bedspread is like music to the giant man's ears, and inspires him to fuck the little man harder and harder. With his hands around his tiny waist, he practically holds the boy in a locked position, giving him nowhere to go as he takes every part of his raw manhood...