AUSTIN & DR. WOLF - Dr Wolf's Master Bedroom

Chapter 2: Dr Wolf's Master Bedroom

Austin has been spending a lot more time with his doctor friend — even outside the office! Being around Dr. Wolf makes Austin feel safe, but more importantly, he gets the reassurances that he needs to accept that he is perfect the way he is. Austin was thrilled when Dr Wolf first invited him to his home to continue their conversations…

The taller man can’t get enough of the small guy’s body and how it feels when the boy is riding his cock. Austin loves spending the night with him, snuggling into his big spoon, feeling Dr. Wolf’s load deep inside him. Nothing makes him happier than being the little spoon. So little, the big doctor treats the boy like a small stuffed animal!

After a night of hot sex, the little guy sleeps soundly in the doctor’s bed, sporting morning wood that can’t be ignored. Turned on and ready to play with his toy, Dr. Wolf caresses the boy’s hard cock and smooth ass, feeling his own erection rising to attention.

Austin loves seeing the big guy pull out his massive meat. His many inches seem perfectly proportioned to his height. When the tiny boy leans over to take it in his mouth, he gets turned on by feeling his jaw ache to take it all!

Dr. Wolf splits the boy’s legs apart, sliding his bare cock inside his hole, holding him tightly in his arms. The tall doctor loves how compact his bottom is, how small his tiny little hole is, and the way his hips feel pressed back against his thrusts!

Austin grips onto his teddy bear as the fucking gets more intense, moaning uncontrollably. He knows the doctor’s enthusiasm for being so deep inside his little body, and he loves the sensation of being fucked by Dr Wolf’s great big dick! He does all he can to stay in place, but the tall giant easily manhandles him into whatever position he wants…