AUSTIN & DR. WOLF - Anal Sex Ultrasound

Chapter 18: Anal Sex Ultrasound

Austin practically skipped as he made his way into Dr. Wolf’s office. The young man loved to take any chance he could to see the tall, handsome physician, even if it meant making an appointment! And while he normally came in for a personal medical visit, today came as an unusual request from the doctor himself. The doctor had asked if Austin could participate in a little demonstration, to which Austin happily agreed...

Austin didn’t know what was being demonstrated, but he trusted Dr. Wolf completely. After all, the big man knew him better than most. Besides, he would do anything to get in his good graces, knowing his reward might be the doctor’s huge cock!

When he arrived at the office, Dr. Wolf surprised him by showing him an ultrasound device connected to his computer. He didn’t know what it could possibly be used for, but he was intrigued nonetheless! When Dr. Wolf explained to him that it was to see how things looked inside him, Austin got a grin on his face, realizing the doctor would be playing with his hole.

Dr. Wolf told him that for it to be a thorough demonstration, it would require him to merely conduct and observe, not participate. For that, he brought in a special volunteer, Mr. Landon. Austin removed his clothes, stealing kisses from the tall doctor as he waited for the volunteer to arrive...

As the man entered, Austin could see that Mr. Landon was a handsome older man with an amazing body. He stripped down in front of Dr. Wolf, preparing himself for the demonstration just as Austin had. Austin tried to relax on the medical table, but with his legs up in the stirrups, he could feel as his heart started to race. He was excited about this new procedure, but also a bit nervous. Mr. Landon came up to him, his cock out in full display, positioning himself as if he was about to fuck him. It was fairly clinical, but Austin still found it incredibly hot!

Mr. Landon took some lube and began to cover his cock with it, knowing that it was going to be going inside Austin’s tight hole. He had a thick, girthy member that clearly needed some help getting between Austin’s tiny cheeks. The older man took some extra and lubed up Austin’s cock as well, knowing it would help the boy receive him better.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wolf readied his equipment, feeling his own cock swell at the thought of seeing Austin fucked from the inside...

As soon Dr. Wolf was ready, he instructed Mr. Landon to slide his cock in Austin’s hole. Austin was nervous, but took it one inch at a time as the handsome stranger moved his way inside his body. Dr. Wolf placed the ultrasound over his groin, moving it around as his eyes locked on the monitor beside them. Both Mr. Landon and Dr. Wolf watched with amazement as Landon’s giant cock moved inside Austin’s pelvis on the screen!

Austin turned his head to watch, but found himself incredibly distracted by the act of being fucked. The man’s bare cock slid back and forth inside him, moving up against his prostate as the two men watched like mad scientists. He stayed in place, not wanting to ruin the demonstration, but all he could think about was the hot man deep inside him!