AUSTIN & DR. WOLF - FunSize Valentine

Chapter 16: FunSize Valentine

Austin invites Dr. Wolf up to his little love shack for a Valentine’s treat. The loft space is just big enough for the two of them to enjoy a romantic evening in, enjoying each other’s company away from school, work, and anything else. Dr. Wolf is flattered to be Austin’s valentine, knowing how much the young boy looks up to him. Quite literally, as well…

As they sit down by candlelight, Dr. Wolf is eager to see what Austin has under his smart suit jacket and suspenders. It’s rare that he sees him so dressed up, but can’t resist the urge to strip him down and get him on the end of his massive cock!

Pulling off his clothes, Dr. Wolf sees the boy’s eyes light up, excited to celebrate the amorous evening in the way they do best. Little Austin feels up the tall man’s body, watching it arch over him as he leans in for a kiss. He takes off Dr. Wolf’s clothes in return, getting a glimpse of his lean body and giant bulge.

Taking the big man’s cock out of his underwear, Austin swallows it up in one gulp, taking it to the back of his throat as his chin grazes the top of the giant doctor’s low-hanging balls. Dr. Wolf looks on as his devoted patient worships him completely, thinking of how sweet it will feel to slide his raw manhood deep inside Austin’s tight hole!