AUSTIN & DR. WOLF - Doctor's Office Trick or Treat

Chapter 10: Doctor's Office Trick or Treat

Austin heads to his favorite doctor’s office for a little Halloween fun, dressed up in a simple cartoon costume. At his height, it’s easy for him to get in on the trick-or-treat fun by throwing on a pair of colorful PJs and going door-to-door. While others his size might be looking for small pieces of candy, Austin’s interests are a little bigger…

Dr. Wolf loves seeing Austin at the end of his day, especially seeing him dressed up in his cute, little boy costume. He closes up the office, making sure the two of them are alone and free to play. As he runs his hands over his body and checks out his onesie, he can’t help but notice Austin’s massive bulge popping out from the fabric. Peeking inside, he sees his special, spooky underwear; appropriate for the holiday fun!

Dr. Wolf takes off his clothes, showing Austin his own festive briefs, struggling to contain the massive erection Austin had worked up. The giant doctor kisses and caresses his smooth patient, eager to get him naked and give him a real treat!

Austin gets on the examination table, pulling out Dr. Wolf’s cock and taking it to the back of his throat in one smooth motion. Austin’s little hands wrap around the tall stud’s meat, holding it tightly as it fills his face, tickling his uvula as it bobs back and forth between his lips. Austin worships the bigger man’s body and size, but nothing gets him going quite like Dr. Wolf’s huge member.

Dr. Wolf can’t stop smiling as Austin dutifully services him, loving the special bond he has with his little guy. Bending him over, he gives him the ultimate treat — his raw cock up his tight, smooth hole! Austin curls up in a ball with his ass hanging over the end of the table, feeling Dr. Wolf push himself between his cheeks until they give way to penetration.

Austin lets out a moan of pleasure as he feels the larger man slip inside him, filling his pelvis with the same ease that it had his mouth. The tall top fucks him deeper, slamming up against his prostate as he grows even bigger and harder inside Austin’s ass.

Austin can’t get enough of Dr. Wolf’s fucking, moaning louder and louder as he feels himself leak with excited pre-cum. Dr. Wolf grips his waist, holding him in place like a precious fuck toy. The feeling of the boy’s ass wrapped tightly around him, makes him fuck harder and deeper with each thrust. He doesn’t want Austin to trick-or-treat with a fuck-induced limp, but as he gets closer to cumming, he knows that it might become an unavoidable side affect of his giant cock in Austin’s little boy hole!