AUSTIN - Poolside Pup

Chapter 22: Poolside Pup

Summer’s here and it’s time to enjoy the heat. It’s Austin’s favorite time of year, where he can be nearly nude all day and show off his favorite bathing suit. Hanging around Dr. Wolf’s place, he lounges out on his deck, enjoying the view of the garden and the greenery while letting the hot, midday air keep him warm.

Dr. Wolf loves this little spot as well, coming out to join his tiny houseguest and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Sure enough, Austin’s little body and shorts pique his attention, getting him thinking about building up a good sweat.

The two love seeing each other naked, so it doesn’t take much to strip off their bathing suits and start kissing and touching each other’s bodies. Dr. Wolf’s large, muscular body absolutely dwarfs Austin’s making him look even smaller by comparison. Austin loves watching him pull out his giant cock, eager to get it hard and wet in his mouth.

Dr. Wolf stands with Austin between his legs, looking down as the young guy swallows him down to the balls. It’s a big task, but Austin’s more than up to the challenge. The warm air has relaxed his body even more, making the intense sword swallowing easier than normal, but still a test of his gag reflex.

With the open air around them and the sun beating down around them, they feel a primal urge to fuck that can’t be tamed. Dr. Wolf lifts Austin up onto his body, holding him in place by his cock as he gives a few more kisses. Then, leaning him on his back, Dr. Wolf slides his wet cock between the boy’s tiny hips, planting it at the mouth of his ass, watching as the smooth hole practically sucks him in.

Austin is no stranger to Dr. Wolf’s cock, but it’s still a struggle every time. The massive shaft splits him in two as they together work it deeper into Austin’s hole. The little guy whimpers and moans as it impales his body, nearly making his narrow waist wider as that shaft works its way inside.

Dr. Wolf is patient, though. He knows that Austin fits perfectly around him, given the right pushing and pacing. Within moments, Austin has every impossibly-thick inch of cock buried deep in his gut, pounding far past his prostate.

The sound of birds chirping and bees buzzing echoes alongside Austin’s passionate breathing as he feels Dr. Wolf dominate his hole. The tall man’s heavy, cum-full balls tighten as they get closer to cumming and filling Austin with a thick, creamy burst of seed.

Austin holds onto the deck furniture, feeling his body shake from the inside out as Dr. Wolf pounds away, using the boy’s hole to satisfy his shaft while also giving Austin a fuck he’ll never forget!