AUSTIN - Principal's Office

Chapter 20: Principal's Office

Austin had become a bit of a problem. He knew he was quite appealing to some of the bigger students… and even some of the faculty! It was bound to reach Principal Kamp’s attention that he’d been sleeping around. And while the gruff, mature administrator didn't like to meddle in his pupils' affairs, he couldn't ignore Austin’s indiscretions.

Calling him into his office, the older man gave Austin a stern, authoritative stare that sent a chill through the boy’s body. He wasn't used to being in trouble, and Principal Kamp was known for giving students a rude awakening when they needed it. When Kamp confronted him about his activities, Austin just stood silent and blushing, embarrassed that he’d been found out as being an insatiable bottom slut. That wasn't the superlative he was hoping to have on his permanent record.

To his surprise, Principal Kamp didn’t immediately expel him. Instead, he chose an old-fashioned punishment. The German daddy told him to bend over his desk, resting his elbows on the desktop and presenting his ass. Austin went along with the older man’s orders, not wanting to test him or push him to anything extreme.

Austin felt the shock of the man’s hand smacking his backside. It sent a jolt of pain throughout his body, pulsating back to where the palm had made contact. It stung, but slowly it subsided. Then another smack followed. This time there was a bigger sting, building off of the previous pulse of pain.

Austin held himself in place, stunned by the man’s corporal punishment. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been spanked. And having it be at the hand of this much older, bigger, more powerful man… it did something to him that he had not anticipated. Suddenly, he felt a stirring in his loins. This punishment made him feel vulnerable and small, but also incredibly turned on.

Principal Kamp told him to pull down his pants, and Austin did, both terrified and excited. As he did, he heard the man walk toward his office door and lock it. Clearly, he wanted no one to interrupt them.

With Austin’s bare ass glowing red for the man to see, Kamp continued to spank him, sending little moans out of Austin’s mouth as he endured the increasing sensitivity of his soft, boyish behind. The principal got more and more vigorous, seeming to enjoy the way Austin reacted and how his ass welted up from his hand. Austin swore he heard him breathing heavier, something that both turned him on and made him worried for the future of his tender ass.

“Turn around,” Principal Kamp ordered, his deep voice making Austin even more submissive and compliant. As he did, he realized his cock was rock hard, pointing up toward the principal and catching his eye. With all the spanking, Austin hadn’t paid any attention to his dick.

“Oh… you’re enjoying that, huh?” The older man began gently teasing the boy’s cock, tugging at his heavy hanging nuts and slapping his shaft. He was treating it like it was a toy, batting it around and seeing how it felt while Austin blushed redder than his ass. “That’s not what I expected.”

Principal Kamp ordered him to sit up on the desk. The cold wood was a welcome salve for his red behind. He thought his humiliation was over, but the older man had something else in store for him.

Kamp began stroking the boy’s cock, feeling it hard and smooth in his mature hand, fixated on how his young balls bounced as he played with it. Austin just sat back, watching as the silver daddy took control of his body.

Pulling out a large dildo from his desk drawer, the principal held it in one hand while reaching his fingers beneath the boy’s balls, teasing his hole. Austin trembled in disbelief that his principal was treating him this way. But he couldn’t stop it. And more importantly, he didn’t want it to stop.

Principal Kamp took the dildo and placed it next to the boy’s hole. He paused, looking in the boy’s eyes, seeing his apprehension and desire. It was the hottest thing he’d ever seen, and it was right there on his desk: a hungry, horny, slutty bottom boy desperate to have his hole filled.

“You ready?” the principal asked.

“Uh huh...”

With a firm push, Kamp inserted the toy inside Austin’s hole, making his red cheeks spread apart to take its thickness and length. Kamp’s eye went wide as the first few inches slid in his student's hole, Meanwhile, Austin began stroking his own cock.

“That’s it, boy,” Principal Kamp whispered. “Cum for me…”