AUSTIN & BIG RYAN - Big Ryan's Apartment

Chapter 7: Big Ryan's Apartment

Once his shift was done, Big Ryan couldn’t wait to bring Austin back to his apartment. The tall daddy could practically fit Austin in his pocket as he snuck him off campus. Once alone and in the privacy of his home, Ryan knew he wanted to impale Austin's tiny tight little butt back onto his thick cock.

And he planned on doing so with the little guy again and again for several hours that evening.

The moment they were in his apartment, the boy was eager to play. Austin dropped to his knees, eager to feel the horsehung titan fuck his face and fill his mouth with his meaty big dick. But stuffing that much cock in his soft little mouth wasn't easy. Tears ran down his cheeks as he struggled to fit it in, choking on his massive shaft as it stretched his throat.

Ryan loved seeing the boy submit to his size, persisting as he was challenged inch by each girthy inch. Nothing was hotter to him than seeing a little guy swallow him whole.

Austin’s throat did what it could, but Ryan knew that it was his ass that could really get stretched and withstand the pounding of his giant penis! And he loved the sounds the little guys make when he opens them up.

He stripped the boy of his clothes and bent him over his bed, seeing his perfect, bubble butt pop up before his eyes. His cock grew even harder, just seeing his little boy hole pucker, begging to be stretched and filled.

After rimming the funsize boy's little hole, and teasing his tight little sphincter for some time, Big Ryan finally slid his saliva-slicked cock between Austin’s cheeks. Feeling his massive girth stretch the boy as wide as a summer sausage was pure heaven. Once he popped the head of his cock past the boy's tight little sphincter, he slowly slid his monster cock back where it was when he fucked the little guy in his janitor's office earlier.

The boy’s hole was just as warm and tight as it was before, only now it was sucking and spasming around his girth, and the boy was literally begging for his seed.

Austin moaned as his tiny funsize boy-hole spread open once more, feeling the familiar stretch of Ryan’s deep penetration. It felt so good to be owned and used by the tall kingsize man...the boy was pushed forward by his weighty thrusts. He felt like a toy being tossed about the bed, weightless on cloud nine. The feeling that he was somehow insignificant beneath this dominant top, that thought alone was enough to make him cum all over the place!