AUSTIN & BIG RYAN - Janitor's Closet

Chapter 5: Janitor's Closet

Austin knows all about Big Ryan. The 6'8" giant janitor that walks the halls of his school. His intense look makes him intimidating as hell. No one wants to mess with him, fearing what his incredible size could unleash.

Austin’s always been small for his age and is frequently picked on by the bigger boys. He can stand up to a point, but sometimes he just needs to escape. One afternoon as Austin tries to evade his bullies, he quickly sneaks into the janitor's office. He doesn’t know what to expect, but he knew he would be safe inside. The bullies might be tough, but they’d never attempt to stir up trouble with Big Ryan!

When Austin gets inside, he finds the surly giant sitting at his desk. Even seated, he’s still somehow practically taller than the standing, trembling young boy. Austin could barely get up the courage to ask him if he could stay there, fearing what the big man would say. Luckily for Austin, Ryan has a special affinity for small, short twinks!

Austin took a breath and began to feel safe, knowing that no one would be able to fight with him. In that comfortable place, he couldn’t help but find Ryan incredibly attractive. Here was this tall, handsome, intense man who was practically able to put him inside his pocket! Austin didn’t even reach the height of his shoulder fully standing!

Big Ryan begins to comfort him by telling him it’s not so bad being small, making Austin chuckle. The gesture compelled Austin to touch him, reaching forward to feel high up on his chest and open his uniform. Big Ryan loves seeing a little guy undress him and it always gets him fully hard. As Austin comes across his massive, monster cock, it was clear he was no exception!

Austin knelt down, taking off his shirt and pants, excited at the idea of being able to get closer with his enormous janitor. Ryan ran his hands over his body, feeling his growing boy cock as he leaned down to kiss his ears and neck. Austin can’t help but breathe heavy as he feels his big hands on his privates, a feeling that makes him horny and desperate to take him inside!