AFTER GAME ASS - NextDoorBuddies


Chapter 11: NextDoorBuddies

When the buzzer sounds and the game is over, that's when the action starts... at least for athletic supporter Elye. Elye was impressed with Mark and Dacotah's prowess on the field, but the two jocks intend to score a little more now that it's just the three of them.

Coming back to Dacotah’s place, Elye finds himself serving both as cheerleader and trophy for his sweaty, horny buddies. Dacotah, standing several inches over the shorter stud, takes Elye into the bedroom and has his way with his mouth and body. Elye is rock hard thinking about Dacotah’s ginger cock, happy to do all he can to help him blow off steam.

When Mark joins in, shorter bottom Elye gets between these towering, athletic giants to service their cocks and milk out their victory loads. It’s Elye’s turn to work up a sweat and show just how much of a team player he can be!