Chapter 2 The Doctor's Home Jay

Tiny stud, Jay, is invited over to Dr. Wolf’s place for a private session, away from the office and in the comfort of the tall man’s home. The lean... [read more]

Chapter 16 FunSize Valentine Austin

Austin invites Dr. Wolf up to his little love shack for a Valentine’s treat. The loft space is just big enough for the two of them to enjoy a romantic... [read more]

Chapter 1 Dr. Wolf's Office Jay

Jay hasn’t been to the doctor’s in a while. Between school and work, he’s just been too busy and too broke, putting it off as long as he can. Now... [read more]

Chapter 3 Doctor's House Sleepover Mark

No one can say Dr. Wolf isn’t thorough! He takes extra special care of his patients, going above and beyond to ensure their wellbeing. And his “bedside... [read more]

Chapter 15 FunSize Boy Workout Austin

Austin is in absolute awe of Dallas! The tiny boy only comes up to the silver daddy’s chin and is a fraction of the weight in comparison. Still, he loves... [read more]

Chapter 5 Follow Up Doctor's Visit Logan

Logan can’t stop thinking about his tall physician, Dr. Wolf. The handsome man has been sweet and affectionate, taking him into his home and fucking... [read more]

Chapter 2 Little Recruit's Orgy Fun Pack

Austin’s been lucky to know so many handsome, tall men. Being 5’2”, he’s usually the shortest in a room. But it seems everywhere he goes, there’s... [read more]

Chapter 14 Boys Big and Small Austin

Austin loves spending time with his other recruits. He feels a real sense of brotherhood and camaraderie that he didn’t expect. Going through such a... [read more]

Chapter 1 Little Guy, Big Package TOM

Dr. Wolf opened up his home to his new patient, Tom, for a little holiday cheer. The short, young man didn’t know what to bring to show his gratitude,... [read more]

Chapter 2 Dr. Wolf's Overnight Guest MARK

Dr. Wolf stood beside Mark as he brushed his teeth, stealing glances over to him in the mirror, and watching the little guy perform his matching bedroom... [read more]

Chapter 13 Santa's Little Helper AUSTIN

There’s very little that Austin wants for at Christmas. He’s grateful for so many things and blessed to have wonderful, loving people in his life!... [read more]

Chapter 4 Dr. Wolf's Private Room LOGAN

Logan is excited to see his handsome, tall doctor outside of the office. The giant ginger stud has taken an interest in his young patient and has invited... [read more]

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