Chapter 4 Little Survivors, Big Inspectors - Halloween Special Global Outbreak

Mark, Austin, and Ian put all their trust into the handsome, tall daddies observing them. They know as long as they’re inside and quarantined, they’re... [read more]

Chapter 3 Halloween Special Global Outbreak

Mark, Austin, and Ian stood side by side, holding their hands over their dicks in an effort to cover themselves. Stripped down and exposed, it seemed like... [read more]

Chapter 3 Dr Wolf's House Chase

No one makes Chase feel quite like Dr. Wolf does! The tall, handsome man has the most gentle of tender touches, not to mention the most passionate kisses.... [read more]

Chapter 2 Follow Up Doctor Visit LUCAS

Lucas rushed to book a follow-up appointment as soon as he left his initial visit with Dr. Wolf. Dr. Wolf hadn’t suggested that he need one, but Lucas... [read more]

Chapter 19 Anal X-Ray Vision Austin

Austin didn’t call for an appointment, but Dr. Wolf asked the young man to meet him in his office for a “routine checkup.” Austin knew what this... [read more]

Chapter 2 Follow Up Doctor Visit Chase

Per doctor’s orders, Chase had been masturbating a lot! He would get online at least two or three times a day, lube up his cock, and jerk off to porn.... [read more]

Chapter 1 Medical Checkup Lucas

Dr. Wolf has seen it all. As a physician specializing in developmental health, he often works with young men as their hormones run wild through their bodies,... [read more]

Chapter 18 Anal Sex Ultrasound Austin

Austin practically skipped as he made his way into Dr. Wolf’s office. The young man loved to take any chance he could to see the tall, handsome physician,... [read more]

Chapter 1 Dr. Wolf's Office Chase

Chase followed the tall doctor’s directions as he carried out his exam. Standing where he was told to stand, stripping when told to strip, subjecting... [read more]

Chapter 3 Doctor's Boy For Breakfast Caleb

Dr. Wolf finishes his breakfast as he hears the soft steps of his tiny overnight guest coming into the room. Caleb is a vision as he makes his way to his... [read more]

Chapter 1 Dr. Wolf's Office Danny

Danny loves being active! He runs, he plays sports, he goes to the gym, and he does all he can to feel bigger and stronger. But at 5’1” he’s aware... [read more]

Chapter 2 Dr Wolf's House Guest Caleb

Dr. Wolf couldn’t wait for Caleb to stop by once his day had ended. Nothing took the mind off of a stressful series of appointments more than cuddling... [read more]

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